Marzia Perluigi


Marzia Perluigi is Full Professor at the Department of Biochemical Science “A. Rossi Fanelli” of Sapienza University of Rome. She has acquired remarkable experience on the use of proteomic technique, in assay development and data validation. In particular she contributed to tune up the redox‐proteomics method and to perform a pioneering studies for the identification of oxidative modifications of proteins in neurodegenerative diseases, as reported by a large number of publications on qualified international journals. In addition, she is expert in working with cell culture and animal models.



University of Rome (Italy)          B.A.         1999    Medicinal Chemistry

University of Rome (Italy)          PhD         2003   Biochemistry

Positions and Honors.

December 2002 – december 2003 Research fellow, Department of Biochemical Sciences, University of RomeDecember2003 – february 2004 Research fellow, Laboratory of Virology, Regina Elena Cancer Institute, Rome (Italy)February 2004 – August 2004 visiting post-doc at University of Kentuky, Laboratory of Neurochemitry (Prof. DA Butterfield) (Lexington, USA)September2004- February 2005 Research fellow, Department of Biochemical Sciences, University of Rome (italy).2005 march-august post-doc fellow Univesrity of Kentuky (Prof. DA Butterfield) (USA)

2006 – Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemical Sciences, Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)

2012 – Associate Professor in Biochemistry

Other Experience and Professional Membership

2007- present Member of the Italian Sociaty of Biochemistry and Molecula Biology (SIB)2012- present Member of the European free Radical Society (FRR)

2015- member of Trisomy21 Society